Green Smoke® Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarette brands Greensmoke the Excellent Alternative to Traditional CigarettesGreensmoke is one of the top choices for today's electronic cigarette brands and produces e-cigarettes resembling conventional cigarettes, but operates with the use of rechargeable batteries that do not require lighting up.

Their electronic cigarettes are composed of two components that include a rechargeable battery and a nicotine cartomizer that is disposable.

Greensmoke e-cigarettes do not only look like traditional cigarettes, but actually feel and taste the same. The difference is, like all electronic cigarette brands, they do not emit the offensive odor typical of regular cigarettes and there is no need to worry about cigarette butts to dispose of, or ashes all over the place.

Instead, like most electronic cigarette brands they produce a fresh and rich vapor that makes them ideal to use, especially in areas where smoking is prohibited.

You're able to take pleasure from the sensation of smoking minus the foul smell of cigarette breath that lingers in your mouth. Greensmoke e-cigarettes contain mostly water, flavoring substances, and nicotine, together with propylene glycol. These cigarettes are also tested independently as verified by several certifications.

Top Quality Design 

Greensmoke has a competitive advantage over other e-cigarette brands because of its top quality design and its continuing dedication to all of its valued customers. Going through greensmoke, you will be able to see why greensmoke e-cigarettes have an edge over other electronic cigarette brands. Its steel design is of excellent quality and very simple to assemble.

It also has a vapor volume that is extremely high compared to others. The battery life of greensmoke e-cigarettes last longer too.

Greensmoke boasts of its excellent customer service together with its “30 day money back guarantee.” Greensmoke dreams of creating a much greener planet with all of its special features such as their electronic cigarette kit does not produce any ashes and the risk of fire is immediately eliminated. One cartridge is equivalent to about 20 regular cigarettes, minus the cigarette butts that need to be disposed of.

Because of its steam-like vapor, the offensive smell of cigarette smoke is non-existent and does not cause discomfort for other people who do not smoke. You are also able to save on money as regular cigarettes could cost you around $5 a pack and up to $12 in a few states, compared to the $3 cost of the greensmoke e-cigarette cartridge.

Greensmoke offers several products that include the e-cigarette starter kits containing all that you will require when you begin to smoke the greensmoke e-cigarettes; the Cartomizer refills, which are colored cartridges that can be replaced and come in different flavors and levels of nicotine; rechargers that you can use to charge the battery of your e-cigarettes wherever you are; and carrying cases to keep your e-cigarettes protected even while you carry them around everywhere.

So when searching through all the new electronic cigarette brands look to Greensmoke Electronic Cigarettes as an excellent choice if you want to continue enjoying a good smoke while keeping yourself and others around you protected from all the dangers of smoking traditional cigarettes.